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Jesiya N P

Assistant Professor (On Contract)


Qualifications :   M.Sc

Areas of Current Research Interest:

  • Groundwater characterization of urban and peri-urban phreatic aquifers using integrated application of  hydrogeological and isotopic techniques.
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote sensing application in suitability and vulnerability assessment of water resource (both surface water and groundwater).
  • Application of advanced Multi-Criteria Decision Making techniques in various environmental components.
  • Advance Geospatial techniques in Geo-Database management for Sustainable development and management of Natural Resources.

Contributions to Teaching :

Assistant Professor (On contract basis): 11th July 2019- Continuing Department of Environmental Studies. Kannur University, Mangattuparamba Campus

Subjects for teaching: Application of Remote sensing and Geographic Information system. Environmental Chemistry Environmental Physical System


  • Jesiya, N. P & Gopinath, G. (2019). A Customized FuzzyAHP - GIS based DRASTIC-L model for intrinsic groundwater vulnerability assessment of urban and peri urban phreatic aquifer clusters. Groundwater for Sustainable Development, 8, pp 654-666.
  • Jesiya, N. P & Gopinath, G. (2019). Groundwater suitability zonation with synchronized GIS and MCDM approach for urban and peri-urban phreatic aquifer ensemble of southern India. Urban Water Journal15(8), pp 801-811.
  • Bhadran, A., Vijesh, V. K., Gopinath, G., Girishbai, D., Jesiya, N. P., & Thrivikramji, K. P. (2018). Morpho-hypsometric evolution of the Karuvannur River Basin, a tropical river in central Kerala, southwestern peninsular India. Arabian Journal of Geosciences11(15), p430.
  • Swetha, T. V., Gopinath, G., Thrivikramji K. P., & Jesiya, N. P. (2017). Geospatial and MCDM tool mix for identification of potential groundwater prospects in a tropical river basin, Kerala. Environmental Earth Sciences76(12), p428.
  • Girish, G., Ambili, G.K., Jesiya, N.P., & Lemoon, K. (2016) Hydro-hypsometric analysis of tropical river basins, Southwest Coast of India using geospatial technology. Journal of Mountain Science, 13(5), pp 939–946.
  • Jesiya, N. P & Gopinath, G. (2015) Delineation of Groundwater Potential Zones in selected Urban and Peri-Urban Clusters of Kozhikode District, Kerala, India. International Journal of Earth Sciences and Engineering (IJEE), 8(02), pp391-396.
  • Amal, P. S., Jesiya, N. P.,& Gopinath, G. (2016). Groundwater Prospects Mapping in Korapuzha River basin, Kerala, India - An Integrated Approach using Multicriteria Decision Making and GIS Techniques. International Journal of Earth Sciences and Engineering, 9(03). pp 366-372.

National Journal

  • Jesiya, N. P & Gopinath, G. (2019) FAHP - GIS based DRASTIC model for groundwater vulnerability assessment of a coastal urban Aquifer. Indian  Cartographer, 38.(In Press)
  • Girish Gopinath & Jesiya, N. P (2016). An integrated study with MCDM and GIS techniques For groundwater prospecting in a tropical river basin, Northern Kerala, India, In. Proceedings of International Conference on Hydraulics, Water Resources and Coastal Engineering (Hydro2016).
  • Girish Gopinath., Asitha, M. K ., & Jesiya N P. (2014).  A geospatial approach for the demarcation of Groundwater Prospect Zones in a Tropical River Basin, Kerala, India, In. Proceedings of 4th International Conference on Hydrology and Watershed Management (2014),Allied Publishers Pvt Ltd, 1, pp 189-196, ISBN: 978-81-8424-952-1.
  • Adarsh P Cherugad, Jesiya N P and Girish Gopinath (2014) An integrated approach to demarcate groundwater prospect zones in an  urban environment – A Case study of Kozhikode Corporation, Kerala, India, In. Proceedings of 4th International Conference on Hydrology and Watershed Management (2014),Allied Publishers Pvt Ltd, Vol. 1., pp 182-188, ISBN: 978-81-8424-952-1
  • Jesiya N P, Girish Gopinath (2013), Evaluation of Groundwater Quality of Phreatic Aquifers along Urban Clusters of Kozhikode Coast, Kerala, India. International Conference on ‘Advances in Water Resources Development and Management’ (AWRDM-2013),

Book chapter

  • Gopinath, G., Ramisha N., Nair A.G., & Jesiya N.P. (2018). Spatial Characters of a Tropical River Basin, South-West Coast of India. In: Singh V., Yadav S., Yadava R. (eds) Hydrologic Modeling. Water Science and Technology Library, Springer, Singapore, 81. pp 641-657,