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Vision and Mission


To be an eminent and renowned department of Environmental Sciences for conducting innovative teaching, and high quality research for its undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs through inter-disciplinary subjects. Department programs will provide significant contributions to India’s goal of achieving Top 50 Public Research University status through:

  • Innovative and transformative research in Environmental Sciences
  • Excellent education for future Environmental scientists and for the general public
  • Service to humanity through expansion and dissemination of Environmental Science knowledge
  • Effective training to create local, national, and international environmental leaders who strive for a sustainable society that embodies respect and care for the community of life, ecological integrity, social and economic justice, democracy, nonviolence, and peace. This vision inspires us to achieve excellence in our doctoral and master’s programs and collaborative community service.


The mission of the Department of Environmental Studies is to contribute quality instruction and scientific expertise in the Environmental Sciences, both now and for the future, in meeting global challenges in supplies of natural resources, mitigation of natural hazards, protection of the environment, and public awareness of the significance of science. The mission also aims through quality teaching to prepare undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students to dwell into industry and academia for developing sustainable solutions to environmental problems and implementation of environmental policies through quality teaching and diverse learning experiences imparted to undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students. The Department of Environmental Studies educates visionary, pragmatic leaders in a collaborative interdisciplinary setting that is founded on academic excellence and the principles of environmental justice and sustainability.