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Student Activities

World Environment Day-2017 Celebration

Date: From 05/06/2017 To 06/06/2017

The Department of Environmental Studies, Kannur University celebrated World Environment Day-2017 in association with Bhoomithrasena Club of the department on 05th and 06th June 2017. The activities proposed in connection with the celebration were Plantation of Native Edible Trees such as “Kunhimangalam Mango Tree & Kuttiyattur Mango Tree exclusively seen in Kunhimangalam & Kuttiyattur area respectively in Kannur District in the Kannur University, Mangattuparamba campus by the collective efforts of students, farmers and environmentalists. The above mentioned mango tree species are rare and in the edge of severe threats of extinction. A lecture on “Nature conservation” was conducted by inviting eminent people in this field.

A one day seminar on Environments for Disaster Risk Reduction was conducted in the Seminar complex of Kannur University, Mangattuparamba Campus. The programme started at 10AM with prayer. The formal inauguration of the World Environment Day-2017 celebration was carried out by Dr. Asokan. T, Hon’ble Pro-Vice Chancellor of Kannur University.  

After the tea break, seminar on connecting people to nature was started on 11AM. Mr. Hamidali Vazhakkad, Dr. Lakshmanan. P.T and Dr. Sreeja. P were the resourcepersons for the seminar.

The audience were Bhoomithrasena club members and MSc. students from various branches of Kannur University, Mangattuparamba campus. A total of 225 students were participated in the seminar.