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Assistant Professor


Qualifications :   B.Tech., PGDM

Supply chain Management, Quality Management, Economics, Positive Organizational Scholarship, Early childhood education

  • Resource person for Workshop on MS Excel, Soft skill development and Placement training at various colleges
  • Resource person for Entrepreneurship development program at SBI Rural training centre Kottayam.
  • Question Paper Setter for MBA courses
  • Funded research in Early Childhood Education in Japan and India: A comparative and comprehensive evaluation using Total quality management approach. Received an international research grant from The Sumitomo Foundation, Japan (project period: 2020-2022).
  • An Empirical Study on Impact of Environmental Uncertainty, Supply Chain Disruptions and Supply Chain Practices on Supply Chain Performance.

Article Publications

  1. James, N. & Varghese, T. (2019). A comparative study of various taxonomies of channel influence strategies between two SBUs. FOCUS International Journal of Management. 15(1), 46-52.
  2. James, N., George, R. (2018). Exploring the influence of Environmental Uncertainty and Supply chain practices. SCMS Journal of Indian Management. 15(4), 22-31.
  3. James, N. (2018). A Hybrid AHP & Taguchi Loss Function Method for Supplier Selection. Journal of Supply Chain Management Systems. 7(4), 20-30.
  4. James, N., George, R. (2018). Impact of Environmental Uncertainty and Supply Chain Disruptions on Supply Chain Practices and Performance. JBIMS Spectrum. 6(1), 274-289.
  5. James, N., George, R. (2018). Influence of Lean Supply Chain Practices on Competitive Advantage and Organizational Performance of SMEs. International Journal of Business Quantitative Economics and Applied Management Research. 4(11), 27-34.
  6. James, N., Kuruvila A.H., Pillai M.R. (2018). Factors that affect Women Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Kerala. Nehru School of Management Journal. 3(2), 93-96.
  7. James, N. (2014). Vitharana shrungalayude punarudharanam: Korparettukalude Panku. Indian Nalikera Journal. 57,17-18.
  8. James, N. (2014). Revamping Agri-supply chain: A corporate perspective. Indian Coconut Journal. 57,33-35.

Books/Chapter contributions

  1. James, N., George, R. (2018). Impact of Environmental Uncertainty and Supply chain practices on Supply chain performance: A Conceptual model. Sustainable Supply and Value chain innovations- International perspectives. Bonfring. Coimbatore. 36-39
  2. James, N. (2011). Retail-Information technology nexus to revive Agriculture. Modern trends in Indian Retail Industry. Scitech Publications (India) Pvt. Ltd. Chennai.