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Assistant Professor & Head


Qualifications :   M.Sc., MBA

Areas of Current Research Interest:

  • Behavioural Finance with special reference to Investments and financial Markets.
  • Application of Machine Learning and AI in Financial Markets.

Contributions to Teaching:

  • Conference Coordinator for the National Conference on Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: Opportunities and Challenges held on 21 & 22 February 2019 organized by the Department of Management Studies, Kannur University.
  • Conference Coordinator for the National Conference on Digital India: Opportunities and Challenges held on 22 March 2018 organized by the Department of Management Studies, Kannur University.
  • Question Paper Setter for MBA courses of Mangalore University, M.G University, Kerala University & Calicut University.
  • Member PG Board of Studies in Management, Kannur University.


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