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Date: 2018

The Startup Exhibition - CANNOVATION 2018 was arranged in the Library building on the same day of the Young Entrepreneurs’ Conclave 2018. It was arranged to showcase the talents of BIC inmates. For this exhibition, several products and services from various domains such as Manufacturing, Retail, Travel & Tourism, Robotics, Education and Automobile Engineering were displayed at the venue. The participants unveiled the robotic and automobile units that attracted many visitors. The teachers as well as students of Class 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th of various nearby schools visited the Exhibition and were motivated on seeing the various products showcased.

Among the products, Jackfruit plucker named as “Chakka Kokka” was designed to pluck jackfruits, from a height of 10 meters without falling on the ground. The robotic products at the exhibition included a support suit for lower limb rehabilitation for stroke patients and those suffering from partial paraplegia. The motor application of it could be controlled by the user on a joystick via a micro processor. A group of participants exhibited an Application that could be used to seek medical advices. An automotive product developed by B Tech students, named as “Mannira” (earthworm), that had obtained a patent was also displayed at the show. The Kerala Startup Mission had offered assistance for the above projects.

The four Startups that were short listed at the show were Coconut plucking device, Innovative water purifier, Chakka Kokka and Support suit for differently-abled people. These products were showcased in front of the IT Secretary, Govt of Kerala later as per the direction of the CEO, Startup Mission.