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Course Description

Master of Business Administration

The MBA programme (full-time credit semester) of the department is for the duration of two years spread over four semesters. The department offers specialization in six streams: Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Productions & Operations Management, Small Business Management and Information technology. A student can opt for any specialization areas of his / her choice. Students are required to undertake summer projects for a period of four weeks after the completion of the second semester examinations. The final project study for a period of eight weeks falls in the beginning of the fourth semester.


  • ◾ To develop young men and women into professional managers to manage all sectors of organized economic activity.
  • ◾ To equip the youngsters with conceptual and interpersonal skills and social purpose for managerial decision- making.
  • ◾ To develop and encourage entrepreneurial capabilities of the young generation and to make them effective change agents.
  • ◾ To meet the demand for management professionals in the country.

The Department offers Dual Specialization. The Student can choose any two streams from the following:

  1. Financial Management
  2. Marketing Management
  3. Human Resource Management
  4. Operations Management
  5. Small Business Management
  6. Information Technology

Sanctioned Strength

  • 45

Fee Structure

  • Admission Fee - 445
  • Students Affiliation Fee - 440
  • Tuition Fee - 11025
  • Library Fee - 220
  • Special Fee - 290
  • Sports Affiliation Fee - 220
  • University Union Fee - 110
  • Students Welfare Fee - 290
  • Laboratory Fee - 985
  • Caution Deposit - 250
  • University Development Fee - 60