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Qualifications :   MSc, PhD

Contributions to Teaching:

  • 14 years of P.G Teaching experience
  • Topics handling:  Bioinorganic, Coordination Chemistry, Organomatallics, Biomaterials
  • Co-ordinator- UGC Remedial Coaching - (2008-2012), Kannur University
  • Co-ordinator –Inculcate outreach programme-2016
  • Member, P.G Board of Studies, Kannur University
  • Doctoral Committee member in Chemistry & Biochemistry, Kannur University
  • Question paper setter /External Examiner of Kerala, Calicut, Mahatma Gandhiji  and Mangalore Universities.

Thrust areas:

  1. Biochemistry
  2. Biomaterials
  3. Pharmacological studies of bioactive molecules.

Research Projects undertaken

  • Development of core shell nanopectin for controlled drug delivery- Project funded by KSCSTE (2010-13) – Principal Investigator
  • Development of technology of radiation sterilized herbal plaster –(2011-2014) Project funded by DAE/BRNS, Govt. of India- Principal investigator
  • “Evaluation of flavonoids from Punicagranatum and Solanummelongena for their anti- inflammatory activity’’- (2014-2015) -Project funded by UGC- Principal Investigator
  • Development of Titaniaphotoanode on metal for low cost solar cell applications- (2017-2020)-Project funded by KSCSTE- Co-PI
  • Nanoencapsulation of selected flavonoids and their protective role on Hepatocellular damage- (2019-2020)-Project funded by Govt. of Kerala- Principal Investigator
  • Development of Biopolymericnano-antidiabetic drug- project funded by KSCSTE- (2019-2022)-Mentor
  • Synthesis of nanoparticle with Antiangiogenic properties &development of core shell structures for targeted delivery – (2018-2020) –Project funded by Govt. of India-Mentor

Research Achievements

  1. No. of Ph.D produced : 06
  2. Ph.D students being supervised : 02
  3. Post Doctoral Fellows : 01(NPDF -DST)- Sanctioned
  4. M.Sc. Dissertations Supervised : 06
  5. h-index : 12
  6. i10-index : 12
  7. Citations : 982

Selected Research Publications

  • Dhanya A.T.,Haridas K.R., Joby J. Sudheesh Sudhakaran, Plant mediated biosynthesis of zein –pectin nanoparticle: Preparation, Characterization and In vitro drug release study. Journal of King Saud University – Science, 32 (2020), 1785-1791 Impact Factor: 3.819; Elsevier
  • K. Soumya, Jesna james, T. M. Archana, A.T. Dhanya, A.P. Shahid snd S. Sudheesh. Cytotoxic and antigenotoxic properties of phenolic compound isolated from the fruit of Terminalia chebula on HeLa cell. Beni-Suef University Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences. 2019, 8: 15, 2-6 Springer;
  • Soumya K, Jesna J, Haridas K.R, Sameer Kumar VB, Lincy Edatt and Sudheesh S. Study of in vitro antioxidant and DNA damage protection activity of a novel luteolin derivative isolated from Terminalia chebula. Journal of Taibah University of Science. 2019, 13(1), 755-63 Taylor and Francis
  • Sudheesh S, Soumya K and Jesna J. A novel chalcone derivative from Punica granatum peel inhibits LOX/COX enzyme activity. Beni-Suef University Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences. 2018,7, 593-97 Elsevier https:/
  • Joby jose, Dhanya A.T, Sudheesh Sudhakaran, Karickal R Haridas, Structural characterisation of a novel derivative of myricetin from Mimosa pudica as an anti-proliferative agent for the treatment of cancer. Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy 2016, 84, 1067-1077 Impact Factor : 4.545 Elsevier
  • Joby jose, Sudheesh Sudhakaran, Sumesh kumar T. M, Sony Jayaraman and Jayadei Variyar, Study of In vitro Immunomodulatory effect of flavonoid isolated from Phyllanthus niruri on human blood lymphocytes and evaluation of its antioxidant potential, International Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemical Research, Vol 6(2), 2014. ISSN : 0975-4873
  • Dhanya A T, Haridas K R, Divia N and Sudheesh S.* Development of Zein – Pectin Nanoparticle as Drug Carrier – International Journal of Drug Delivery, Vol 4, No 2 2012 : ISSN : 0975-0215
  • Sudheesh.S & Vijayalakshmi, N.R Role of pectin in modulation of protein kinase c activity and regulation of glycogen metabolism in rats, Ind. J. Biochem Biophys 2007,(44), 183-185 Impact Factor : 0.537 NISCAIR
  • Sindhu Mathew, Emilia T Abraham and Sudheesh S. Rapid conversion of ferulic acid to 4-vinyl guaiacol and vanillin metabolites by Debaryomyces hansenii -Journal of Molecular catalysis B.Enzymatic 2007,44(2),48-52. Impact Factor: 3.336 Elsevier
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Books Chapters:

  • Potential health benefits of flavonoids from Punica granatum. Chemistry and Biotechnology of poly phenols Chapter 2. 2011, 33-47 CIBET Publishers, Thiruvananthapuram. Ed.Sabu A, Roussos.S and Auguilar C. N. Akshara printers, Thiruvananthapuram.
  • Sudheesh Sudhakaran, T.M. Archana, and C.N. Aguilar (2017); ‘Biotransformation Enzymes’ (Chapter 5); Bioresources and Bioprocesses in Biotechnology; Ed: Shiburaj S, N.S. Pradeep, Sabu A; Springer, Volume 2; 129-150.