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Department of Biotechnology & Microbiology

The Department of Biotechnology and Microbiology has a vibrant composition that strongly promotes interdisciplinary research programs. It has collaborations with national/international research institutions of excellence for execution of research projects. Most of these are interdisciplinary in nature. The faculty, students and alumni have made an enormous impact on the research front, making it a name to reckon with. Our alumni are spread across the world occupying various research positions. Among the various departments in the University, the research done by our faculty has received high recognition . The faculty are recipients of research grants from various funding agencies and also has a strong focus on basic sciences and trains the next generation of investigators and continues to nurture and foster the novel discoveries made by them. The Department holds 4 patents to its credit.

Founded in 2000 with the vision of promoting inter-disciplinary teaching and research, the programs offered are MSc Program in Biotechnology, Microbiology and Computational Biology. With committed faculty and devoted students the courses which include the frontier areas of the programs has been well appreciated

The infrastructural facilities were greatly expanded through the plan funds of University Grants Commission (UGC), UGC RUSA, DBT-BIF, DST FIST, SARD from KSCSTE, Govt. Of Kerala as well as extra-mural funding attracted by the faculty. The personal goals of the faculty of the Department has lead to attract funds from national and international funding agencies. The faculty members have been very successful in attaining the financial support to achieve specific objectives through clearly established programs of DBT, DST, UGC and KSCSTE.

The Department has faculty with high level of competence in research in fields like, structural biology, plant biotechnology, environmental biotechnology, microbial biotechnology, computational biology and bioinformatics, molecular microbiology, cancer biology and phytochemistry. with considerable expertise in relevant fields and most of them with practical experience gained from internationally reputed research laboratories.

The testimony of these efforts and hard work is measured in terms of quality research publications in referred national and international journals. Organizing distinguished lectures by national and international scientists, and conducting national and international conferences on frontier areas of biological sciences. Many of our faculty members have received recognition for their academic contributions in the form of fellowships and serve as advisory board members in various committees.

The faculty have amalgamated to form well focused and multidisciplinary research programmes. They have developed synergistic programs, through continuous discussions, peer mentoring . The Department will integrate the knowledge of Phyto chemists, microbiologists, biochemists geneticists, molecular biologists, bioinformaticians, cancer biologists and plan to partner with leading pharmaceutical industries

The multidisciplinary training for future scientists and scholars, and the knowledge and experience they attain will impact on the progress of biological sciences at large. Towards achieving this goal, the department has established, animal house, green-house, plant tissue culture along with other research facilities. Over the years the Department has produced 50 Ph.D.'s, and over 400 publications .