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Yaathra vivaranam : Roopam Saamskaarikatha Siddhaandham

Date: 21-23 January 2019

National Seminar on Malayalam, Kannur University. Yathra Vivaranam :Roopam, Samskarikatha, Sidhandham. -2019 January 23, 24, 25 .Seminar held at Dr. PK Rajan Memorial Campus Neeleswaram, Seminar Hall: Yathra Vivaranam: Roopam , Samska rikatha, Sidhandham - Kannur University Registrar Dr. Balachandran Keezhoth inaugurated the function under the chairmanship of Dr.A M Sreedharan. KP Ramesh presented a paper on 'Yathra vivaranam: Anubhavam, Orma and Ezhuthu' in the seminar session. On the subject of 'Yathra vivaranam: Marunna Sankalpangal' - Dr.Thomas Skaria , Dr. Deepesh Karimpunkara, Dr. R Chandrabose and Soumya Thomas also presented a variety of topics. Jose K Manuel on 'Yathradhishtitha cinimakal' On the 25th, cultural and technical thematic approaches to travelogues were also discussed. The closing session was inaugurated by Prof. KP Jayarajan under the chairmanship of Dr. KK Sivadas. The topics were presented in such a way that each travel experience is a cultural construct beyond mere sight. The three-day national seminar was attended by 150 peoples including Teachers Research Scolers And P.G. Students in various Departments ,Colleges, Universities And Grandhasalas . The program was very useful for students and researchers.