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Kannur University Teacher Education Centre Dharmasala

The main aim of the college has been to provide world quality teacher education to students of the Kannur, Wayanad and Kasaragod district who want to enter the teaching profession, especially the poor aspiring teachers from rural and downtrodden communities. The faculty have been taking special care to develop serene and motivating learning environment and an excellent academic ambience, where the new generation teachers along with their professional orientation would get trained in disciplined social life. The facilities provided by the college include well-equipped state of the laboratories, classrooms as well as highly academically motivated faculty with progressive concepts about teacher education.  The prospective teachers who pass out from this institution are all the more conscious of their social responsibility and professional etiquettes. The institution has always steadfastly pursued the main objectives of teacher education where the institution gives equal importance to teaching and learning and educational extension. The benchmark of the institution is to maintain a high quality teacher education system relevant to the needs of the modern society. This is the only teacher education institution in the district offering teacher education programme in Sanskrit.

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