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M.A Anthropology

Course Description

Duration of the Programme: Two Years (Four Semesters and 450 hours per semester)

Intake: The total number of intake will be 20.

Programme Structure: The programme has three major components viz., Core Course (CC), Elective Course (EC) and Open Elective Course (OEC). The number of credits awarded for each course would correspond to its equivalent contact hours per week. The Core courses in the first and in the second semesters would be of 4 credits each, and in the third semester, would be of 4 credits each. Fieldwork and Dissertation with a weightage of 4 credits would form the Core course in the fourth semester, which would have two Elective Courses with 4 credits each.

Elective Courses: The Department Council would decide upon the specific elective paper that would be offered in the specific semester. More Elective paper could be available than the required number in a particular semester depending on the availability of the Faculty and the minimum number of students required for a particular paper, as per the norm specified by the University.

Ethnographic Field Work and Field Report: Currently there is supervised fieldwork for 30 days mostly in a tribal, rural or urban area which is an essential component of the M.A. Program in Anthropology, as per the current curriculum structure. This is undertaken after the completion of the third semester. The students are allotted a specific topic each and based on the data collected during the fieldwork, a dissertation is submitted at the end of the semester. A Viva-Voce is conducted as part of the evaluation of the dissertation.

Sanctioned Strength

  • (20/20)

Fee Structure

  • Admission fee:445
  • Tuition fee (per sem.) :2650
  • Library fee (per sem.):270
  • Special Fee (per year):290
  • Student Welfare/Development fee (per year) :290
  • Caution Deposit (Refundable) : 250
  • Laboratory fee (per sem.)
  • Computer /Connectivity fee (per sem.)
  • Law Journal (per sem.)
  • NRI Fee (per year)
  • Students Affiliation Fee*:440
  • Sports Affiliation Fee(per year):220
  • University Union Fee (per year):110
  • University Development Fund (per year)**:60