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Department of Wood Science & Technology

School of Wood Science and Technology conducts M.Sc. Wood Science and Technology (Industry-linked) course which combines the conventional University level academic system with industry level apprenticeship programme. As per the course structure, the Department of Wood Science and Technology, Kannur University will be providing theory and practical classes similar to any of the University Departments while the students will also be provided with a work-based training sessions at The Western India Plywood Ltd. (WIP). Thus, in-effect, the students shall get both the University level academic orientation pertaining to the core and elective courses in the field of Wood Science and Technology as well as in-plant training exposure from the reputed wood-based industry, WIP as per the prescribed syllabus for each modules. The syllabus offered by Wood Science and Technology Department at Kannur University covers major areas such as Forestry, Wood Identification, Logging, Wood Variation, Physical and Chemical Properties of Wood, Wood Bio-degradation, Wood  Preservation, Wood Seasoning, Wood-Based Composites, Paper Technology, Wood Technology, related practical schedules, workshops, seminars, etc. along with individual research works. The WIP syllabus (Wood Technology Workshop) is prepared in such a manner that the students can focus on details of the operations and processes employed in the factory.  To ensure that the students get the real benefit, they have to periodically present their data in seminars and also submit the reports.