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Vision and Mission


The Department embodies a vision that is inclusive in perspective and orientation, with the programmes aimed at mapping the linguistic, literary, and cultural terrains of theory and practice in English Studies. The Department envisions its emergence as a leading centre for English language and literature in the domain of higher education. It visualises to tap the diverse potentials and capabilities of students in a manner that cuts across linguistic and socio-cultural boundaries.


The Department envisages enabling students to learn to analyse the literatures of different cultures and periods and to interpret literary and cultural artifacts within wider contexts of cultural and intellectual history. It is the aim of the Department to help students to develop their capacities to engage with texts by reading perceptively and critically. The Department is committed to inculcate in students the capacity for creative and original thought by developing proficiency in research and analysis. It also proposes to help develop highly articulate communication skills in students through seminars and other assessments and enable them to work efficiently and creatively both individually and in groups