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Dr. Sebastian George

Associate Professor , Head of the Department, Campus Director


Qualifications :   M.Sc., M.Phil., PhD.

Areas of Specialization

  • Probability Theory.
  • Multivariate Statistical Methods.
  • Statistical Inference.
  • Statistical Quality Control.
  • Advanced Distribution Theory.
  • Bayesian Inference.
  • Applications of MCMC.
  • Bootstrap Methods and EM algorithm.
  • Finite Mixture Regression Models.
  • Harmonic Regression Models in Epidemiology.

Experience in Teaching and Research

  • Associate Professor of Statistics, St.Thomas College Palai, from 06-06- 1994 to 25-06-20 (26 years).
  • Associate Professor of Statistics, Department of Statistical Sciences, Kannur University, from 26-06-2020 onwards
  • Adjunct Faculty, Dept. of Biostatistics, Christian Medical College, Vellore.(2010 onwards).
  • Pranab Sen Distinguished Visiting Professor at Department of Biostatistics, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA (Fall of 2016).

Ph.D.'s. Guided

  1. Preethi Sara George (2005). “Log-symmetric Distributions and Their Applications”.
  2. James Kurian (2008). “Some Properties and Inferential Problems related to Non-normal Symmetric Distributions with Kurtosis Three”
  3. K. M. Kurian (2009). “Generalized Confidence Intervals for Process Capability Indices”.
  4. Dais George (2012). “A Class of Heavy Tailed Distributions and Their Applications”.
  5. Bindu P.P. (2014). “Statistical Application in Micro Array Technology and Bioinformatics”.
  6. Ajitha Sasi (2018). “ Process Capability Indices for Some Non-normal Distributions and Their Applications”.
  7. Ambily Jose (2020). “ Some Generalizations of Poisson Hidden Markov Model and Their Applications Epidemiological Studies”. (Submitted).
  8. Jismi Mathew (2020). “ A Study on Weighted Distributions and Their Applications in Biomedical Research” (Submitted).

Project Works Successfully Completed

  1. Minor Research Project sponsored by UGC, New Delhi. (F.No.5-1 (113)/2003 (MRP)/SWR dated 29-10-03) Title: Some Inferential Problems Related to Non-normal Symmetric Distributions with Kurtosis Three (2003-2005, Completed in November 2005).
  2. Minor Research Project Sponsored by UGC, New Delhi. (No.MRP(S) – 703/2007 (X plan) / KLMG 027/UGC-SWRO) Title: Comparing the Process Capability Indices of Two Processes Using Generalized Confidence Intervals and P-values. (2007-2009, Completed in April 2009).

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