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Extension Activities


The extension activities of the department is targeted towards the educational upliftment of Indigenous

people to express our solidarity with motto of  International day of the indigenous people- 2016 i.e., 'The Right To Education'. To achieve this target, the Department of Rural and Tribal Sociology has joined hands with Edavaka Panchayth and U.P School, Chembilode to conduct the programme called 'padanaveedu'.  The main objective of this programme is to create a common platform for tribal students (both drop-outs and school going) and those who volunteer their service for tribal children; for helping them to develop their skill in reading books, assist them in doing homework after school hours (5pm to 6pm), facilitate their cultural programmes etc. The programme also aims to bring the drop-outs tribal children back to their school.

The programme was inaugurated by Dr. Francis Kulirani, Course Director, DRTS.  Smt. Thresia, Headmistress, Govt. UP School, Chembilode, Edavaka welcomed the gathering. Ms. Neethu, alumni of DRTS has volunteered to lead the programme. It was decided to conduct the classes at Mananthavady campus in the evening (except Sundays and holidays) with the help of the faculty members and students of DRTS.

The students of DRTS also took effort to visit the nearby Paniya colony frequently to bring the drop-out children to Mananthavady campus in the evening, interact with them, create a space for sharing their  issues  and help them to continue with their studies.