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Dr. Kavitha Balakrishnan

Assistant Professor of Law



Qualifications :   LL.B, LL.M, NET, Ph.D

Area of Research

  • Redressal Mechanisms of domestic violence victims.

Contributions to Teaching:

  • Dean of Faculties of Kannur University from 2014 to 2017
  • Head of the Department of Law for 8 years.
  • Chairperson, Board of Studies of Law (2 times) from 2013 onwards till 2018
  • Member, Inspection committee of Bar council of India.
  • Member, Faculty of Law Calicut University
  • Member, Board of Studies, Calicut University.
  • Member, Faculty of Law, Kannur University.
  • Member, board of studies, Kannur University.
  • Chairperson, Board of Examination –Kannur University
  • Member, Board of Examination, Kerala University
  • Member, International Academics
  • Member, Anti Harassment Committee, Kannur University
  • Member, Campus Discipline Committee
  • Member, Anti Ragging Squad, Thalassery Campus
  • Member, Academic Council, Kannur University.
  • Legal Expert, Ethics Committee of Malabar Cancer, Thalassery (2012-2018)
  • Legal Expert, Ethics Committee of Health Science Department, Kannur University (2013 onwards)
  • Question setter of public service commission
  • Question setter of Other universities.
  • Ph.D course work coordinator for faculty of law, Kannur university.
  • Peer reviewer of Inter national Publisher, IGI Global, USA.
  • Peer reviewer of International Journal of Semiotics and Visual Rhetoric (IJSVR),USA.
  • Legal aid co-ordinator, Kannur University
  • IQAC co-ordinator, School of Legal studies, Kannur University.
  • Committee Member, district Cyber club, Kannur.
  • Classical dancer and bagged prices for Bharatnatiam and Mohiniyattam. Also performs Kuchipudi.
  • Karnatic Music exponent and veena player
  • Do paintings in all mediums(oil,acrylic, thoolie and mural)
  • Conducted two solo exhibition of painting at art gallery Thalassery and Calicut. Proceeds collected through sale of paintings are donated to palliative care unit of Malabar cancer centre, thalassery.
  • Planning an exhibition at London in coming June.
  • UGC Minor Research Project, Construction's adjacent to coastal areas and the implementation of coastal zone regulations in state of Kerala.


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