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School of Legal Studies 1

At present, the Kannur University have two School of Legal Studies functioning in two different campuses. One is School of Legal Studies 1, Dr. Janaki Ammal Campus, Kannur University and the other one is newly emerged School of Legal Studies 2, Manjeswaram Campus, Kannur University. Department of Law was founded in 1996,primarily with the objective of promoting Legal Education in Malabar region. School of Legal Studies is an institution acknowledged for its continuing commitment to academic excellence and service to the public. This Legal institution spells out its role as a resource for the legal development of nation. It shall always be responsive to the challenges of social change and shall be relevant to the growing legal and other law related needs of the people.

School of Legal Studies has been established to transmit knowledge of the law so as to achieve distributive justice for all. The Institution trains students for the practice of law,instilling in them the ethical responsibilities of legal profession and the social responsibilities to work for the attainment of a just and humane society. It contributes to the justice in our society for the full protection of human rights.School of legal Studies incubates students for leadership, being innovative and responsive to the needs and aspiration of the society.

The institution is fully graced to provide its students with an innovative and stimulating exposure.The students are equipped to develop a legal temper. The quality of legal education integrates their legal concepts with practical understanding of law. The programmes develop  the general skills and core competencies essential for legal education.The focus is on the development of the capacity to analyse and reason,oral and written communication, knowledge application,intellectual curiosity and professional integrity.