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LLM (Criminal Law and Criminal Justice)

Course Description


Criminal Law is concerned with the most potentially invasive contention of authority by the state: if you fail to comply with the law you will be punished. As crime knows no jurisdictional or geographical boundaries, we need to expand our horizons and not only think domestically but also think internationally. The LLM (Criminal Laws) offers a unique and distinct opportunity to study criminal law in National, international and transnational context. This programme provides a holistic analysis of the criminal process through an analysis of the law, its philosophical underpinnings and its operation in practice in constantly changing environment.

For those wishing to gain in-depth understanding of criminal law and criminal justice, this course offers the opportunity for broader or deeply specialized study within an innovative research. The innovative focus and unique areas of study, allow you to develop your ability to critically appraise the current approaches and contemporary issues relating to criminal law i.e. transnational criminal law, cyber crimes and organized crime, and the challenges these pose. This programme emphasizes more on critical writing instead of traditional classroom teaching.


In today’s tough, competitive job market, having an LLM is a great addition in individuals portfolio and CV. LLM graduates can help in – Advocacy in Criminal Law, Judiciary, Banks, Educational Institutes, Regulatory Bodies, Legal Consultancies, Newspapers as criminal reporter or editor, News channels, Indian Railways, Defence. Apart from all these they have opportunities in NGOs and international organizations like UNO, and also in ICC. There are many opportunities for LLM passed candidates in Central as well as in State government services. They can join as judges in various courts in diverse roles such as Attorney and Solicitor General or as public prosecutors.


  1. Inculcate critical thinking amongst the students to visualize, correlate, encapsulate, and explain various kinds of information for meaningful purposes and to expand their horizons of thought and knowledge.
  2. To develop in a student the ability to analyse the legal problems from scholarly and objective point of view and work towards finding solutions to the problems by application of laws and regulations.
  3. Instilling a sense of responsibility among the students, while simultaneously cultivating in them spirit of intellectual freedom, qualities of leadership, imaginative power and clarity.
  4. The programme, aims at sprouting thought-provoking leaders for the society and promotes ethical and value-based learning to the students, to Capitalise on these advantages and help students diversify their career options after law school.
  5. Through compulsory research component in the form of Dissertation, the students learn to conduct research study
  6. To equip students with confidence to seek career opportunities in practising Criminal Law and to engage in other spheres.
  7. To equip students with the knowledge of teaching methods enabling them to enter the teaching profession.


  1. Cultivate the ability to appreciate the role of lawyers in justice education in a globalising world sensitive to the needs of sustainability, poverty and vulnerability
  2. Gain hands on experience in legal knowledge , skills, ethics and values to be able to work in a fast changing India set in a de-globalizing world because of the course curriculum which will facilitate learning law in a profound way in response to contemporary developments
  3. Acquire legal knowledge from various disciplines and professions to equip them to perform various roles of a professional lawyer beyond the traditional role of litigation linking their domain knowledge to legal profession.
  4. The student will improve cognitive, problem solving skills, independent critical thinking with research capabilities.
  5. SCOPE

These regulations shall apply to LL.M programme, School of Legal Studies, Kannur University

Sanctioned Strength

  • 17


Fee Structure

  • Admission Fee:445
  • Student Affiliation Fee:440
  • Tuition Fee (Per Sem):6625
  • Library Fee (Per Sem):270
  • Special Fee (Per Year):290
  • Sports Affiliation Fee (Per Year):220
  • University Union Fee (Per Year):110
  • Student Welfare/ Development Fee (Per Year):290
  • Caution Deposit (Refundable):250
  • Laboratory Fee (Per Sem):250
  • Computer/ Connectivity Fee (Per Sem):NA
  • Law Journals (Per Sem):250
  • University Development Fee (Per Year):60