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Extension Activities

Legal Aid Clinic

Date: 23-01-2020

School of legal studies, Janakiyammal Campus, Thallassery, Kannur University is the pioneer legal educational institution in the northern tip of Kerala. From the inception of the institution it undertake the responsibility of providing free legal aid to the weaker sections of the society. Now the institution is going to take a new venture to provide legal aid to the society by using the tele communication technologies. The needy persons can send email to the legal aid clinic for the legal help and also going to start a tele-legal counseling cell. The volunteers of the tele-legal counseling cell will provide free legal advice and counseling to the weaker sections of the society. The Department has started a new course (Clinical Legal Education) to the LLM students and there by trying to inculcate the essential skills such as Legal counseling, Legal advice, taking legal literacy classes, conduct legal surveys etc. to give free legal aid to the needy people.