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Department of Kannada

The Dept of Kannada of the School of Indian Languages was established under Kannur University for the benefit of the linguistic minority Kannadigas of Kasaragod area.  Dr.P.Shrikrishna Bhat, the first Head of the Dept had put his sincere efforts for the progress of this dept. Dr.U.Shankaranarayana Bhat, Dr. Kamalaksha   have also worked their level best as co-ordinators of the dept.  After 2015 Dr U Maheshwari served as Course Director. At Present Dr Rajesh B is serving as Programme Director.

The fruitful research work of M.Phil and Ph.D  say a lot regarding the functioning of the institution. The theses on Tulu   Ancient Poetry, Comparative study of Kannada and Malayam novels, Tulu folklore, the contribution of Sheni Gopalakrishna Bhat are worthy ventures in the field of knowledge.  When it was established, certificate courses in Kannada and Malayalam were also introduced besides M.Phil and Ph.D courses.In the course of time many M.Phil Degree holders and Ph.D holders who passed out of this institution though certificate courses were not successful due to various reasons. The presence and functioning of such an institution in this border area  is itself an honor for a civilized society.