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Dr.Malavika Binny

Assistant Professor

  8157083710 ,

Qualifications :   MPhil, PhD

Areas of Research:

  • Histories of Medicine
  • Histories of Science
  • Gender History
  • Environmental History
  • Dalit History
  • Ancient South Indian Social History

Contributions to Teaching:

- Steering Committee Member, Global Alliance, SRM

- Board of Studies Member, BA History, SRM University, 2020

- Board of Studies, BA History, BA History, 2018

- Convenor, Syllabus Drafting Committee, BA History Honours, Christ University,2015

- Member, Syllabus Drafting Committee, Christ University, BA EPH (Economics,Political Science and History, Triple Major) Honours, 2015

- Member, Syllabus Drafting Committee, HEP (History, English and Psychology,Triple Major ) Christ University, 2015

- Instituted History Association in SRM University,2018

- Instituted Gender Study Circle, SRM University,2019

- Instituted Gender Studies Club, Christ University, 2015.

- Started the Tutorial Teaching System, SRM University, 2019

- Started Reading Hour Sessions , SRM University,2019

  • Research Associate, Indo-Russian Project on Social Cultural and Political Aspects of East European Countries, UPE-II Project of Excellence, Centre for Media Studies, JNU
  • Research Consultant, ‘History and Education : Project on Discrimination in Higher Education’, Phoenix Charitable Trust, Short Term Project, 2018

  • ‘Of Men, Stones and Stories; Revisiting the vīrakals of South India’ in R.Mahalakshmi ed., Art and History; Texts, Contexts and Visual Representations in Early India, Bloomsbury, New York, London and Delhi, 2019.ISBN: 9789388414319,pp.269-285
  • ‘Tracing the Contours of Hate Speech in India in the Pandemic Year: The Curious Case of Online Hate Speech against Muslims and Dalits During the Pandemic’, Contemporary Voice of Dalit, Scopus Indexed, 2022
  • ‘Placing Women in Context: The Intersticing of Narrative and Tangible Spaces in Medieval South India’, Asian Review of Humanities, Vol.1, No.1, Kathmandu, 2018.ISSN2645-8675,pp.89-103.
  • 'Plants, Power and Knowledge: An Exploration of the Imperial Networks and the Circuits of Botanical Knowledge Systems on the Western Coast of India', Global Histories, Vol.1, Dec 2015, Freie Universität, Berlin, Germany, 2015, pp.3-19. ISSN 2366-780X.
  • ‘Of Texts and Practice and Also of Discourse and Deviance; An Outline of the Regulation of Bodies in Medieval Kerala’ in Sebastian Joseph,ed.,On Present(in/g) Histories; Selected Papers from the Second Kerala History Congress, DC Books, Calicut, 2017, pp.197-214. ISBN 978-93-5282-124-2.
  • Guest editor, ‘JNU and Its Tradition(s) of Dissent’, April 2016 Issue, Café Dissensus, New York, 2016, ISSN 2373-177X.
  • ‘Hoping against Hope: The PRDS Movement and the Creation of its Discursive Terrain’, South Asian Journal of Multi-Disciplinary Research, Vol.3, Issue.2, March 2016, pp.215-226, ISSN: 2349-7858.
  • ‘Ayurveda: The Non Man and Embodiment’, The Investigator, Vol.2, No.4, December 2016, pp.62-65, ISSN 2454-3314.
  • ‘The Hermeneutics of Space: Locating Vāstuśāstra and sandeśakāvyams in Medieval Kerala’, Full paper, The Proceedings of Kerala History Conference, NBS, December 2016, pp.149-181.ISBN 978-93-86094-30-8.
  • Book Review, Vinita Damodaran, Anna Winterbottom and Alan Lester, eds. The East India Company and The Natural World in Itinerario: International Journal on the History of European Expansion and Global Interaction,Vol.39, Issue No.1,Cambridge Journal, Leiden,2015, ISSN:0165-1153,pp.175-77.
  • Book Review, Shu Juan Deiwiks, Bernhard Führer and Therese Geulen, eds. Europe Meets China—China Meets Europe: The Beginnings of European-Chinese Scientific Exchange in the 17th Century in Itinerario: International Journal on the History of European Expansion and Global Interaction,Vol.39, Issue No.2,Cambridge Journal, Leiden, 2015,pp.376-379. , ISSN: 0165-1153.
  • Magazine Article: ‘Arundhati Roy’s new novel lays India bare, unveiling worlds within our world’, The Conversation, July 2017. ISSN 2201-5639.
  • ‘Between the Heichal and the Synagogue Walls: An Exploration of Jewish Sacred Spaces in Kerala’, Journal of Kerala Studies,14.1, Kerala University, Thiruvananthapuram, 2018.


‘In Pursuit of a Healing Eden; Exploring the medico-botanical networks in the Indian Ocean Region, c.1600-1800’ in Anne Gerritsen and Burton Cleetus, eds., Health and Materiality in the Indian Ocean World 1600‐2000: Medicine, Material Culture and Trade, Bloomsbury, 2021.

‘Towards an Iconography of Disease; Locating Goddesses of Disease from South India in Studies in History, Special Issues on Disease and History, eds. Burton Cleetus and Indivar Kamtekar, February 2021.

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