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MSc Applied Zoology

Course Description


Candidates who have passed and secured at least 55% marks in B.Sc. Zoology (Main)

Degree examination of this University or an equivalent examination of any other

University is eligible to apply for the M.Sc. Applied Zoology (Biodiversity:

Conservation and Management) programme.

Regulations regarding the reservation of the seats are as per the rules of Government of Kerala/Kannur University. Those who have appeared for the final year examination can also apply; however, they should produce the mark-sheet before the preparation of rank list.


Admission to the course shall be based on the marks obtained in the entrance examination conducted by the Department of Zoology.



Written test papers 25%

Assignment 10%

Seminars 20%

End semester Viva-voce 25%

Attendance 20%

Section A consists of short answer questions, 10 to be answered out of 14, each carrying 2 marks.

Section B consists of short essay type questions, 4 to be answered out of 6, each carrying 5 marks.

Section C is consists of essay type questions, 2 to be answered out of 4, each carrying 10 marks.

Section A: 10 out of 14; 10 X 02 = 20 Marks

Section B: 04 out of 06; 04 X 05 = 20 Marks

Section C: 02 out of 04; 02 X 10 = 20 Marks


    1. An alphabetical grading system shall be adopted for the assessment of student’s performance in the course. The grade is based on a six-point scale. The following table gives the range of marks, grade points and the alphabetical grade.
    2. A minimum of grade point 5 (Grade C) is needed for the successful completion of the course.
    3. Performance of a student at the end of each semester is indicated by the Grade Point Average (GPA) and is calculated by taking the weighted average of grade points of the courses successfully completed. Following formula is used for the calculation. The average will be rounded off to two decimal places.
  1. GPA = Sum of (grade points in a course multiplied by its credit)
  2. Sum of credits of the courses
    1. The overall performance of a student is indicated by the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) and is calculated using the same formula given above.
    2. Approximate percentage of marks can be calculated by CGPA x 10 + 5.
    3. Based on CGPA overall letter grade of the student shall be in the following way.
    4. Classification:

CGPA Overall letter grade

8.5 and above A+

7.5 and above but less than 8.5 A

6.5 and above but less than 7.5 B+

5.5 and above but less than 6.5 B

4.5 and above but less than 5.5 C

Range of marks% Grade points Alphabetical grade

90-100 9 A+

80-89 8 A

70-79 7 B+

60-69 6 B

50-59 5 C

Below 50% 0 F

examination of the same course along with the next batch to acquire the minimum

credits needed for the completion of the course.

Sanctioned Strength

  • 20 (including 3 NRI seats)


Fee Structure

  • Admission Fee: Rs.445-00
  • Student Affiliation Fee: Rs. 440-00
  • Tuition Fee (Per Sem): Rs.4410-00
  • Library Fee (Per Sem): Rs. 270-00
  • Special Fee (Per Year): Rs. 290-00
  • Sports Affiliation Fee (Per Year): Rs. 220-00
  • University Union Fee (Per Year): Rs. 110-00
  • Student Welfare/ Development Fee (Per Year): Rs. 290-00
  • Caution Deposit (Refundable): Rs. 500-00
  • Laboratory Fee (Per Sem): Rs. 6895-00
  • Computer/ Connectivity Fee (Per Sem): --
  • Law Journals (Per Sem): --
  • N. R.I (Per Year): Rs. 71665-00
  • University Development Fee (Per Year): Rs. 60-00