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M.Sc. Physics (Advanced Materials)

Course Description

  1. The duration of the M.Sc. Physics (Advanced Materials) programme (CCSS) shall be 2 (two) years.
  2. This programme consists of 17 (seventeen) theory courses, 3 (three) lab courses, 1(one) study tour and 1 (one) project spread over 4 (four) semesters. A student can earn 20 (twenty) credits in 1st, 2nd, 4th semester and 22 (twenty two) credit in 3rd semester and total 82 (eighty two) credits in four semesters. Indirect grading pattern with 40% internal and 60% external marks will be followed. The course structure is as follows:
  3. Theory Courses: There are seventeen theory courses - each with 4 credits except for the two core courses in the third semester - spread over four semesters in the M. Sc. programme. The distribution of the theory courses is as follows: There are 14 (fourteen) core courses and 3 (three) elective courses in the programme. Semester I, Semester II and Semester III will have 4 (four) core courses and Semester IV will have 2 (two) core courses. 1 (one) elective course will come in Semester III and 2 (two) will come in Semester IV.
  4. Practical Courses: The first three semesters will have a course on laboratory practical. Each course has a credit of 4 (four). A minimum of 16 (sixteen) experiments should be done and recorded in each semester. The practical examination will be conducted at the end of each semester at the Department by two examiners (one internal and the other external). The duration of the examination will be 6 (six) hours.
  5. Project: In the fourth semester, there will be a project of credit 4 (four). The project should be very relevant and innovative in nature. It should be aimed to motivate the inquisitive and research aptitude of the students. The type of the project can be decided by the student and the guide (a faculty of the Department or other Department/University/Institution). For the conduction of the project work, sufficient span of time will be allotted for the students and its evaluation will be scheduled at the end of the fourth semester. The project will be evaluated by two examiners. The distribution of credits is as follows: 2 for the report and 2 for the presentation of project work done and comprehensive viva-voce.

Sanctioned Strength

  • 20

Fee Structure

  • Admission Fee: 445 (S1)
  • Student Affiliation Fee: 440 (S1)
  • Tuition Fee(per sem): 4410
  • Library Fee(per sem): 270
  • Special Fee(Per Year): 290(S1&S3)
  • Sports Affiliation fee(per year): 220(S1&S3)
  • University Union fee(per year): 110(S1&S3)
  • Student Welfare/Development fee(per year): 290 (S1&S3)
  • Caution Deposit(Refundable)*: 500 (S1)
  • University Development fee(per year): 60(S1&S3)
  • Total : 9630(S1) ,7275(S2) ,8245(S3),7275(S4)