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Dr. Sanjuna.M

Assistant Professor of Sociology


Qualifications :   MA, MPhilJ, PhD (JNU), PG Diploma in Journalism

Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Calicut, December 2015-july 2017 (on contract) ,Zamorins Guruvayoorappan College, University of Calicut, October 2014- November 2014

Guest lecturer of Sociology, University of Calicut, November 2014-December 2015

“The Imagination of Cinema: Tracking the future of Malayalam Films”, for Kerala State Chalachithra Academy fellowship 2020, from October 2020 – June 2021

“On Knowledge, Education and Alternative Possibilities: a Critical Appraisal”, MPhil Thesis submitted on 25TH July 2011.

“Cinema and Society: An investigation into the forms of knowing through Malayalam films”, PhD thesis submitted on 13TH Dec 2019

“Politics of Labels and Stereotypes: Traumas and Assertions of an Imagined Community” (International Journal of Research in Social Sciences Vol:9, Issue:9 September 2019, ISSN: 2249-2496)

“Criminalisation of tribe in its New Avatar: Exploring the case of Paniya Tribe” (Kerala Sociologist: Journal of the Kerala Sociological Society, Vol:47, No:2, December 2019, co-authored with Dr.Sunil Babu C.T and M.N Nimal) issn: 0975-8933