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Date: NA

Legal Aid Clinic under School of Legal Studies, Kannur Univeristy is a non- profit law practice serving the public interest. The goal of clinic, apart from providing legal assistance to those who might not be able to get it elsewhere, is to instruct students on the task and challenges of trial and court proceedings.  The purpose of organizing the legal aid clinics and camps is to take our services to the doorsteps of the poor and vulnerable people. The scheme for the policy and directions of national legal services authority and to provide free legal aid. The constitution of legal aid clinic is with a view to utilize the energies,enthusiasm,zeal and commitment of the law students.Legal aid clinic consists of law students headed by law teachers,extend legal advice/assistance to the public for redressal of their grievance.

The objectives for which the School of Legal Studies Legal aid clinic has been established include to impart clinical legal education to the students of law in the school of Legal studies & other school; to conduct legal aid programmes for the people in malabar area; to facilitate mediation and conciliation to respond to human rights violations, environmental issues and provide legal assistance to the victims to promote legal and scientific awareness to the people to conduct seminars, conferences, symposiums, debates, speeches, moot court competitions, lecture services and other academic programmes in law, human rights & other related fields and to conduct all other related programmes and activities connected with clinical legal aid education