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5 days workshop on Research and Publication in History - Methods Ethics & Regulations


Date: 7th - 12th March 2022

The seminar was inaugurated by Dr V.Sivadasan MP,who emphasized the relevance of Marxian thought in historical writing.The Sessions 1&2 were handled by Dr.V Selvakumar of Department of Maritime History &Marine Archaeology,Tamil University,Thanjavur introduced the fundamental principles of archaeology,excavation,exploration techniques,field archaeology and research methodologies in archaeology.In 3 & 4 Sessions Smt Sheetal Shyam,Transgender activist spoke about the evolution of transgender history throughout the ages,its social,religious and political relevance,new trends in this area of study.Dr Sebastian Joseph,Associate Professor UC College,Aluva who handled 5 & 6 Sessions dealt with methods in environmental history writing, the approaches of the environmental studies in the West and its relevance in the present context.Prof Raziuddin Aquil,University of Delhi who explained comprehensively about the role of religion in historical writing in the context of Sufism and Bhakti Movement in 7&8 Sessions.The 9&10 Sessions dedicated to the role of epigraphy in historical writing handled by Dr Arun Mohan,eminent epigraphist of Kerala.Dr Abdul Razak,former associate professor of PSMO College of Thirurangadi explained the value of Mappila songs for historical writing in the Sessions 11 & 12.Dr K.M Sheeba, Professor, SSUS, Kaladi discussed about the methodology for writing gender history,recent trends in this field and position of gender in new historical writings in Sessions 13&14.Dr Vinil Paul,historian and researcher in JNU explained the role of dalits in historical writing ,various known and unknown sources available for featuring dalit studies in Sessions 15&16.Prof.K N Ganesh, former head,Department of History,University of Calicut who handled Sessions 17&18 analyzed the research methodologies in history with suitable examples .In the concluding Sessions 19&20 Dr Vinod VM,Assistant Librarian,University of Calicut ,stressed the importance of plagiarism,different methodologies for research publication and research ethics to be maintained during the time of writing articles,projects &thesis