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Dr. T K Prasad

Associate Professor and Head


Qualifications :   MA, PhD Geography

Areas of Current Research Interest

  • Applied Geomorphology for Disaster management
  • Drainage basin morphometry and fluvial process analysis
  • Urban morphology and planning
  • Land system evaluation and sustainable land use planning
  • Geographies of Gender and development

Ph.D Produced :

Environmental Resource management in Achankovil River basin: A watershed based approach.

Ph.D Ongoing :

  • Inland water ways of Kerala-Geographical and economic analysis of West coast canal from Kovalam to Hosdurg
  • Landform dynamics and its impact on stability of coastal zone of Kozhikode, west Coast of India
  • Urbanization trend of Kerala over a period of 1991-2011
  • Women’s participation in work and decision making in Kerala: A geographical study on Kannur District
  • Sustainable water resources management and urban planning: A geographical study of Thiruvananthapuram city, Kerala
  • Landscape analysis of Manimala river basin, Kerala: A sustainable development approach
  • Dimensions of urban growth and its effect on bio-physical environment: A geographical study of Kozhikode district Kerala.

Projects Completed

  • Spatial Analysis Of Laterite Mines And Effects Of Laterite Mining On The Midland Hillocks Of Kannur District, Kerala (UGC)
  • Landscape Analysis And Sustainable Land Use Planning For Kannur District In Kerala With Special Reference To Tourism, A Geo-Spatial Approach (ICSSR)
  • Application of GIS in the study of slums in kochi city region, Kerala (2008), Indian cartographer INCA Vol 29 pp 535-539
  • Application of GIS in landuse/ landcover mapping, Change detection and analysis- A case study of Kannur district Kerala, 2009, Indian cartographer, INCA, vol 29, pp 77-82
  • Terrain analysis for landuse planning and sustainable development, A case study of Sreekandapuram panchayath, Kannur district Kerala, 2011, Proceedings of Third International Geography congress, CWRDM, Calicut.
  • Effects laterite mining on the midland hillocks of Kannur district Kerala, Proceedings of national seminar Geoterm 2012 @ Madhurai, Kamaraj university, pp 114-124
  • Zoning for Sustainable Development in Ecotourism Destinations- a study of Munnar, 2013, the Konkan Geographer, Vol 5 pp 47-54
  • Geo-tectonic hazards, Some Kerala experiences, Proceedings of national seminar on Natural Calamity and Human life, Cauveri Collge, Gonikoppal, Coorg, pp 48-75
  • Developmental Strategies to Laterite Mining Areas - A Geographical Approach, Indian Explorer of Social Sciences & Humanities ISSN- Vol. 11, Issue-2, 2017 2320-2963 pp 1-10
  • Effect of Laterite Mining on the Land Use of Midland Hillocks of Kannur District, Kerala – A Case Study, International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) ISSN (Online): 2319-7064Index Copernicus Value (2016): 79.57 | Impact Factor (2015): 6.391Volume 7 Issue 3, March 2018Paper ID: ART20181044 DOI: 10.21275/ART20181044 1454-1460
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  • Functional Behaviour of Urban Centres: A Geographical Analysis of Kannur District, Kerala, Thematics Journal of Geography Volume 8 Number 4 October 2019ISSN 2277- 2995, pp 571-584
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