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M.Sc. in Geography

Course Description

The Department’s Master’s Programme – “Master of Science in Geography”, is a two-year program, spread over four semesters, and comprising 20 courses of 80 credits . The course is being offered under Choice Based Credit and Semester System. The design of the semesters are in such a way that the students learn topics common to the general M.Sc. course in Geography of the University and specific application oriented topics in Geoinformatics. At present the Department of Geography is well equipped with the basic infrastructural facilities which include smart class rooms, library, GIS and Remote Sensing lab, Cartography lab, and Geodesy lab. The aim of Master of Science in Geography programme is to provide up to date instruction to our students to meet the requirement of trained manpower in Geography for teaching, research, technological and other vocations mainly to benefit the aspiring students and to contribute to society in a responsible way. The present structure of the course thus covers the foundational aspects of the discipline, and also focus towards specialization in recent trends in the subject.

Sanctioned Strength

  • 17 + 1 (Lakshadweep)


Fee Structure

  • Admission Fee :420
  • Students Affiliation Fee: 420
  • Tuition Fee: 4200 (s1), 4200 (s2) ,4200 (s3), 4200 (s4)
  • Library Fee: 255 (s1), 255 (s2) , 255 (s3), 255 (s4)
  • Special Fee :275 (s1), 275 (s3),
  • Sports Affiliation Fee (Per Year): 210 (s1), 210 (s3),
  • University Affiliation Fee (Per Year): 105 (s1), 105 (s3),
  • Students Welfare/Development Fee (Per Year)*: 275 (s1), 275 (s3),
  • Caution Deposit (Refundable)* 500
  • Laboratory Fee: 2470 (s1),2470(s2), 2470(s3), 2470(s4),
  • University Development Fee (Per Year, excluding SC/ST) 55 (s1) ,55 (s3)
  • TOTAL :9185 (s1),6925 (s2),7845 (s3),6925 (s4),