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Four day workshop on Psychosocial Competence through Life-Skill education

Date: 22nd to 25th March 2017

The School of Behavioral Sciences, Kannur University took up an initiative to conduct a four day workshop on “Psychosocial Competence through Life-Skill education” from 22nd to 25th March 2017 with financial support from the University Grants Commission (Under the UGC XII Plan GDA-SC/ST Service components). The program started at 10am with the welcome speech of Dr. S Vinod Kumar, Head of the Department, School of Behavioural Sciences. Dr. P. T. Joseph, Campus Director, Mangattuparambu Campus rendered the presidential address. The honorable Vice Chancellor of Kannur University Dr. M. K Abdukl Khader gave a thought provoking inaugural address in which he shared his personal experiences to emphasize on the importance of the self confidence. Dr. V A Wilson, Syndicate Member, Kannur University delivered the felicitation. The session concluded after the vote of thanks by Mr. Sakkeel K P, Assistant Professor, School of Behavioural Sciences.

Day one the session started at 11.30 am. The sessions were handled by Dr. Baby Shari, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Calicut University. The resource person pointed out the important life skills: critical thinking and creative thinking, empathy, problem solving and ways to using cognitive skills effectively.Second day first session handled by Dr.Anil Ramachandra, Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Education, Kannur University, session focused on health, happiness and well being. Second session was about Mindfulness handled by Mr. Mahesh M M , Research Scholar, School of Behavioural Sciences, Kannur University. Last two sessions were handled by Mr. Sajeev Othayoth, Higher Secondary Teacher, Rajeev Gandhi Higher Secondary School, Mokeri, Kannur, started by session by explaining the life skills enumerated by the UNESCO.

Third day first session started with stress management and other most dangerous illnesses prevailing today by Dr. Mohandas M, Higher Secondary School Teacher in Psychology, Govt. Higher Secondary School, Tirur. Next two sessions were handled by Dr. Ajith PR, Clinical Psychologist, District Hospital, Alappuzha on effective communication and interpersonal relationship. Last session was on time management and planning by Dr. Mohandas M. Fourth Day started at 9.40 am the session handled by Dr. Ajith P R, he talked about the influence of family types on emotional regulation. Workshop ended up with the valedictory address by Dr. Ashokan, Pro Vice Chancellor, Kannur University.