School of Chemical Sciences, Department of Chemistry, (2002)

School of Chemical Sciences

Department of Chemistry, (2002)


Head of the Dept. :   Dr. S. Sudheesh  M Sc., Ph.D. (Asst. Prof.)

Phone :   0497-2806402 (O), 9847421467 (M)


Courses & Strength :  M Sc. Chemistry -Specialization : Material Science  (17)

Research Subjects :  Chemistry & Material Science


Faculty Phone (Res.)               Mobile

Dr. K.R. Haridas      M Sc.,  Ph. D. ( ASSO. PROF.)      2806297                               9497859695

Dr. K.K. Vijayan,      M Sc.   Ph.D.                                                                                     9447954511

(Visiting Professor)



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Assistant Professor & Head

Dr. S. Sudheesh

Dr. K.R Haridas
Assistant Professors on Contract
Smt. Keerthi Mohan A

Smt. Shijitha T

Dr. Siji Mathew


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